Dining alone? We provide a full course meal for parties of one.
Our single-player experience offers Training and Solo modes.
First, you'll learn the ins and outs by mastering all the basics.
Then it's time for perplexing puzzles that'll keep you guessing!
Play solo or cooperatively in this mode made for 1-4 players.
These jumbo-sized stages introduce meaty new mechanics!
Each stage is like a puzzle, but how you solve it is up to you.
Earn 3 stars on every stage to become a true master chef!
How far can you get with limited lives and limited black pepper?
In this fast-paced survival mode, 1-4 players cook till they drop!
Choose from Easy, Medium, and Hard mode to play it your way...
Or try out Classic mode to recreate BurgerTime's arcade origins.
Track your score on the leaderboards to see how you stack up!
It's Peter Pepper vs. the Food Foes in a clash for the kitchen!
2-4 players compete in 90-second bouts across 4 unique stages.
Chefs can use black pepper, but Food Foes have a dash attack!
Pick up powerups to give your teammates the edge in battle.
Drop ingredients or catch enemies to lead your team to victory!
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